27 September 2009


For the past few months, I have been focusing on thematically related ambient tracks. They have been created over long periods of time and heavily composed and arranged. I wanted to take a break from this project and make something more spontaneous that would sounds completely different. I dug out an old unfinished project that used few instances of a granular synthesiser I created in Ableton Live and started to play with streams on grains coming back and forth into the soundscape. I then derived two recordings that I mixed together and augmented with a field recording in the background. Nicken sent me message saying it "sounds like being in bottom floor of a big ship. right besides the engine-rooms. plus water dripping in. creepy." I think that describes this track very well. Enjoy!

<a href="http://static.bandcamp.com/track/vortex">Vortex by Static</a>

9 September 2009


Second installment of a series I started with the track 'Oblique'. This time the tone is not as dark as before and the melodies are more upfront and obvious. I had lots of fun making this track and for once things seemed to come quite easily. I feel this marks possibly a new direction for me. We'll see.

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