12 January 2010

The blog has moved

I have decided to develop this blog on the wordpress platform and I have moved it on a self-hosted server. I hope to offer more content like sound libraries and ableton presets. See you there.

2 November 2009

Diaxiom Radio

A few weeks ago, I received a message from someone who had found out about me through SoundCloud and who was interested by the sound design on one of my tracks. After a few emails back and forth, where we discussed mainly technical stuff, that guy told me he ran an internet radio called Diaxiom and that he would be happy to broadcast some of my stuff on there. We agreed on four tracks that best represent my sound and since today it is going to be played on rotation.
Diaxiom is a net radio that plays ambient, experimental and dubby minimal music released mainly on netlabels. For me that's a great way of finding out about very talented musicians and interesting netlabels I wouldn't have come across otherwise. So far I have been very impressed by OCP, a portuguese musician, who gets lots of exposure over there.

27 September 2009


For the past few months, I have been focusing on thematically related ambient tracks. They have been created over long periods of time and heavily composed and arranged. I wanted to take a break from this project and make something more spontaneous that would sounds completely different. I dug out an old unfinished project that used few instances of a granular synthesiser I created in Ableton Live and started to play with streams on grains coming back and forth into the soundscape. I then derived two recordings that I mixed together and augmented with a field recording in the background. Nicken sent me message saying it "sounds like being in bottom floor of a big ship. right besides the engine-rooms. plus water dripping in. creepy." I think that describes this track very well. Enjoy!

<a href="http://static.bandcamp.com/track/vortex">Vortex by Static</a>

9 September 2009


Second installment of a series I started with the track 'Oblique'. This time the tone is not as dark as before and the melodies are more upfront and obvious. I had lots of fun making this track and for once things seemed to come quite easily. I feel this marks possibly a new direction for me. We'll see.

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23 July 2009


This track started from a very simple custom-made generative device emulating water dropping in an imaginary basement. Something I would play at home as background atmosphere at low volume. I forgot about it and started working on other tracks. A few weeks later, while browsing through my projects, I decided to come back to it and I added more elements like field recordings I had just made in an old and dusty workshop and the sounds generated by an home-made contact microphone. From a somehow dark atmosphere, the track moved into more intimate territories after I added a few distant melodies and a slow pulsing bass. Enjoy!

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17 June 2009

Hazafelé Remix

A few weeks ago, Hungarian musician Banyek posted on the .microsound mailing list a sound competition to remix one of his tracks called 'Hazafelé'. He asked people to follow only one rule : "The submitted track should be built upon the sounds of the original track — though there are no restrictions on the sound processes that are allowed to be used, so the possibilities are relatively infinite."
With no stems available and only a mp3 file as source material, I had to do things very differently than usual. Lots of chopping up, filtering, time-stretching, time-shrinking and processing to shred the source material into clicks, grainy textures and distant melodies. After many hours of de-constructing, I started to assemble each piece of that new puzzle to give the track a completely new form. There is still the sense of time and space of the original but I wanted to tell a slightly different story. Here is the result!

&amp;amp;amp;lt;a href="http://static.bandcamp.com/track/hazafele-static-remix"&amp;amp;amp;gt;Hazafele&#769; (Static Remix) by Static&amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;gt;

10 June 2009


I started working on this track about a year ago and it has been through many forms and shapes since then. It was originally built around a voice sample mixed with some broken-beats, a saturated drone and a few dubby elements. The more I worked on it, the more I felt something was missing and I felt the track wasn't going anywhere. After many attempts to give it more life, I stopped working on it for a few months. Only recently I decided to give a new direction to the track and I used the large amount of loops and sounds I had created to make something new. From the original take, the old elements have been recycled and appear very sparingly, the vocal samples have been processed and buried to give it a darker feel. I am now very happy with this track and it is time to work on something new. Enjoy!

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