17 June 2009

Hazafelé Remix

A few weeks ago, Hungarian musician Banyek posted on the .microsound mailing list a sound competition to remix one of his tracks called 'Hazafelé'. He asked people to follow only one rule : "The submitted track should be built upon the sounds of the original track — though there are no restrictions on the sound processes that are allowed to be used, so the possibilities are relatively infinite."
With no stems available and only a mp3 file as source material, I had to do things very differently than usual. Lots of chopping up, filtering, time-stretching, time-shrinking and processing to shred the source material into clicks, grainy textures and distant melodies. After many hours of de-constructing, I started to assemble each piece of that new puzzle to give the track a completely new form. There is still the sense of time and space of the original but I wanted to tell a slightly different story. Here is the result!

<a href="http://static.bandcamp.com/track/hazafele-static-remix">Hazafelé (Static Remix) by Static</a>

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