30 April 2009

Sydney House Sessions

About a month ago, I met my friend Rod for a improvisation session with nothing really prepared beforehand. He had set up the studio with a couple of guitars, his Korg SP-200, a few microphones and Ableton Live. We started the session by recording an acoustic guitar chord which we reversed, transposed, filtered and looped producing a very nice drone. From there, we added a few guitar loops, some time-stretched voices and everything that fit the mood of the session at the time. I remember I felt very happy by the end of it even though the atmosphere created by the music was quite dark and spooky.
I spent the next couple of weeks arranging and mixing all the parts in order to re-enact that session and how things fell into place. Hopefully, I have managed to stay closed to the spirit of that night. Enjoy!

<a href="http://static.bandcamp.com/track/sydney-house-sessions-1-static-mix">Sydney House Sessions 1 (Static Mix) by Static</a>

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  1. beautiful set. .. a good beginning for my day :)